Consent Form for Over-the-Credit-Limit Transactions on Redstone Federal Credit Union® Credit Card Accounts

Unless you tell us otherwise, Redstone Federal Credit Union will decline any transaction that causes you to go over your credit limit. If you want us to authorize these transactions, you can request over-the-credit-limit coverage. If you have over-the-credit-limit coverage and you go over your credit limit, we will charge you a fee of up to $39. However, the fee will only be charged if the account is over limit at the end of the same billing cycle. You will only pay one fee per billing cycle, even if you go over your limit multiple times in the same cycle. Even if you request over-the-credit-limit coverage, in some cases we may still decline a transaction that would cause you to go over your limit, such as if you are past due or significantly over your credit limit. If you want over-the-limit coverage and to allow us to authorize transactions that go over your credit limit, please complete the information requested below and submit this form to us.

Only the Primary or Joint cardholder is authorized to submit this over-the-limit coverage request. Submissions from Authorized Users are not valid and the request will be denied. If you have multiple credit card accounts with Redstone Federal Credit Union, an over-the-credit-limit coverage request must be received for each account.