Protect one of the biggest investments you'll ever make

Insurance options that extend beyond your home

Protect one of the biggest investments you'll ever make

Insurance options that extend beyond your home

Homeowner's Insurance

Your home is your hub, your happy place, your family’s headquarters—and most likely your biggest investment. With so much value under one roof, it’s essential to protect your home with the right Homeowners Insurance policy. Redstone Insurance Services® can help you prepare for the unexpected with comprehensive coverage that could save you thousands in the future.

Our homes face many threats, including fire, theft, and damage from hail, snow, and ice. While the dangers are real, you can mitigate the risks and take measures to safeguard your most valuable asset.

When evaluating homeowners insurance, you’ll need to consider how much it would cost you to rebuild your home if it were damaged beyond repair. You’ll also need insurance that would pay for temporary lodging if you had to move out while your home is being restored, as well as liability coverage in case someone is hurt on your property. And while insuring your home, don’t forget to protect yourself and your belongings. Redstone Insurance Services’ enhanced Homeowners Insurance options extend beyond your home, offering you more ways to feel secure.

Optional Coverage for Broader Protection

Enhance your protection by adding coverage options that meet your needs.

Additional Replacement Cost Coverage

Can pay up to 125% or 150% of your policy limits for a covered loss

Replacement Cost Contents Coverage

Covers the cost of replacing personal items in your home that may be damaged or destroyed by a covered loss regardless of depreciation.

Identity Fraud Protection

Pays for expenses incurred to regain your identity, including identity restoration services.

Save even more on your homeowners insurance with these discounts!

Green Home Discount

Offered to owners of LEED-certified environmentally-friendly homes

Home Buyer Discount

For members who have purchased their home in the previous year

Loss-Free Discount

Available to members who haven’t had a recent homeowner loss

Multi-Policy Discount

You’ll save when you have more than one policy with Redstone Insurance Services

Protective Devices Discount

Offered to members who own homes with alarms, detectors, and other security systems

Early Quote Discount

You may be eligible for a discount if you get a new Redstone Insurance Services quote before your current policy expires

Redstone Services GroupSM, LLC d/b/a Redstone Insurance Services, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Redstone Federal Credit Union® (RFCU®) but are separate entities. Redstone Services Group, LLC is a licensed insurance agency that sells insurance policies issued by third party insurance companies. The insurance products are not products or obligations of RFCU, are not NCUA or federally insured and are not endorsed, warranted, recommended, or guaranteed by RFCU or any government agency. The insurance products may be offered by a dual employee who also sells insurance products on behalf of a third-party insurance company. RFCU and its affiliates are committed to fair, equitable and nondiscriminatory practices.