Save today for your tomorrow

Gain the control and freedom to invest your retirement funds how and when you want

Save today for your tomorrow

Gain the control and freedom to invest your retirement funds how and when you want


Should you transfer your 401(k) to an IRA? If you have a 401(k) and are approaching retirement or changing jobs, consider a rollover IRA. A rollover is merely a transfer of 401(k) plan assets from your 401(k) to your IRA. If done correctly, it is not a taxable event.

Before deciding whether to leave your money in your former employer’s 401(k) or transfer it to an IRA of your choosing, here are few tips to keep in mind:

Know and understand your 401(k) options

If you left your 401(k) with a former employer, you have four options:

  • Roll your assets into an IRA: This may give you a wider range of investment choices. If you have more than one 401(k), you might want to consolidate your multiple 401(k) accounts from more than one previous employer.
  • Consider annuities: An annuity may provide you with a guaranteed lifetime income. All guarantees are subject to the claims paying ability of the issuing insurance company.
  • Keep it in an employer plan: If you like your current employer’s plan, leave your money there.
  • Take a lump sum distribution: Your former employer may withhold a percentage, the amount of the distribution will be taxable in the year received and an IRS early distribution tax penalty will apply.

We recommend you discuss each of these alternatives for your 401(k) with one of our Financial Consultants. They can help you identify which option is best based on your retirement goals and current financial situation.

What are the benefits of rolling a 401(k) over to an IRA?

Freedom to invest your retirement funds how you prefer

Hands-on help with allocating and diversifying your assets

More control since you aren’t limited to your previous employer’s retirement plan or administration fees

A Redstone Brokerage Services Financial Consultant can explain your options, walk you through the entire process, and assist you with the necessary paperwork

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