Join the credit union that puts you first

Helping members, their families, and communities

Join the credit union that puts you first

Helping members, their families, and communities

Why Redstone

You have a choice when it comes to selecting a financial institution. Will you place your trust in a for-profit bank or a not-for-profit credit union? There are fundamental differences between the two.

At Redstone, our people are our first priority. We exist solely to serve our members. You won’t find a bank that can say that.

See what else sets us apart from banks.

Cooperative Spirit

“People Helping People.” This motto is frequently used to describe the supportive nature of credit unions. By offering an opportunity for members to work together toward a common goal, credit unions instill a sense of community among members. At Redstone, our goal is to improve our members’ lives and strengthen the communities in which we live, so that the entire Redstone family can live brighter.

What Happens to Profits?

Credit unions are financial cooperatives organized for and by members and, as such, are not-for-profit organizations. Banks profit from the higher rates and fees they charge their account holders. When banks make a profit, they pay their shareholders. At a credit union, we pass surplus funds right back to our members in the form of lower loan rates, higher dividend rates, and free or low-fee accounts.

A Commitment to Giving Back

With no outside shareholders, credit unions can focus on offering benefits directly to their members. In addition to more competitive rates and lower fees, credit unions also offer their members personalized service, customized financial education, scholarships, discounts, and special offers. In 2019, Redstone gave $18.5 million back to our members through rebates, cash back, and special promotions.

Members Are Part Owners

At a bank, outside shareholders make decisions that affect all account holders. Credit unions are different. As member-owned, democratically-controlled organizations, credit unions work to ensure the financial well-being of their members. Each member has one vote and elections are held to designate volunteer board members to lead the credit union. Credit union members always have a say in how their credit union is run.

Social Responsibility

Credit unions are known for being active in the communities they serve, through environmentally-friendly business practices, employee involvement, and philanthropic contributions. You’ll find Redstone employees walking, stuffing, sorting, collecting, donating, giving, and volunteering at charity events all over the Tennessee Valley. In 2019, Redstone employees donated nearly $260,000 to the United Way and made it a mission to volunteer their personal time to important causes.

People vs. Profit

As a not-for-profit credit union, Redstone’s primary focus is our people. At a bank, the primary focus is profit. Redstone is dedicated to enhancing our members’ lives through comprehensive financial solutions and sound advice. Whether we’re offering a low rate on a new home loan, a convenient mobile app, or information about managing debt, our objective is to help our members live brighter.