Saving for the future starts today with IRA Savings

$5 Minimum Opening Deposit | Great Dividend Rates

Saving for the future starts today with IRA Savings

$5 Minimum Opening Deposit | Great Dividend Rates

IRA Savings and Certificates

When you envision your retirement, what do you see? Whether your plans include a house on the beach, traveling around the world, or playing with the grandkids, financial security makes it happen. IRAs offer great dividend rates and may offer tax benefits* that regular savings accounts do not. These features, combined with steady growth and low risk, make IRAs a smart saving strategy for long-term objectives and some short-term expenses.

Do you have questions about which IRA to choose? We’ll walk you through your saving options to find the right fit. We can help you transfer your existing IRA to Redstone, so you can enjoy the convenience of having all your accounts in one place.

Wherever you want to be, an IRA from Redstone can help you get there.

Which IRA is right for you?

Should you choose a Traditional or Roth IRA? What’s the difference? Both IRAs include tax benefits. Generally, a Traditional IRA offers a tax deduction at the time of the contribution and you will be taxed when you start making withdrawals. A Roth IRA contribution is not tax deductible, but withdrawals can be made tax and penalty free if certain qualifications are met*.

What are you saving for?

Are you saving for your retirement, your first home, or higher education for yourself, your spouse, or your children? There are only a handful of “qualified” expenses that allow you to make a penalty-free withdrawal from your IRA before you are 59 ½, and these are a few of them. You shouldn’t rely on your IRA for other expenses, such as a vacation or a car. If you withdraw early for unqualified expenses like these, the penalties may be substantial.

What about your plans when you retire?

A Roth IRA lets you leave the money in your account into your 70s and beyond, and contributions can be made if qualifications are met. With a Traditional IRA, you are required to start withdrawing from your account at age 73, and you could be eligible to continue to make contributions if qualifications are met.

What is the difference between an IRA Savings Account and an IRA Certificate?

Only $5 is required to open an IRA Savings Account or 12 and 18-month IRA Certificates. Just like a regular savings account, you can make deposits and watch your balances grow in these accounts. All other IRA certificates require a starting balance of $500 or more and no additional contributions can be made until maturity. Keep in mind, however, that there are early-withdrawal fees and penalties with both IRA Savings Accounts and with IRA Certificates.

Every Redstone Savings Account includes:

Great Dividend Rates
Dividends Paid Quarterly
Outstanding Member Support
Online Banking With Easy-to-View Accounts
Federally insured by the NCUA

Open Your IRA Today

Must be eligible for membership and open a share savings account in order to join RFCU® and open an IRA. Minimum balance of $5 is required to open share savings and must be maintained in the share savings account at all times. Some restrictions apply.

Early withdrawal penalties may apply. Fees and other conditions could reduce earnings on your account. For IRA Savings accounts, the dividend rate and APY may change every month. For IRA Certificates, any withdrawal which reduces the remaining balance below the minimum may be treated as a complete withdrawal and the IRA will be closed. Must have online banking username and PIN/password to access online banking. Restrictions may apply.

*RFCU does not offer tax advice. Please see your tax advisor for your specific questions.