Community Sponsorships and Donations

Supporting our community

Community Sponsorships and Donations

Supporting our community

Supporting our community through sponsorship.

At Redstone we are always looking for ways to make a difference in our communities. We are dedicated to supporting the communities that we serve and are proud to support local non-profit organizations, schools, colleges and universities through sponsorships, donations, and advertising. We know that the support of these programs and organizations is key to the success of the programs and organizations. Redstone takes pride in knowing that by supporting our local community we are making many program opportunities possible for the program participants.

Do you have a school or organization that would like to be considered for sponsorship? As much as we would like to approve all sponsorship applications, we do have limitations on our support. Please review the requirements below, and submit your request for review and consideration.

Our team reviews sponsorship and donation requests throughout the year and are usually able to render a decision within two weeks. However, please understand that between July and September we tend to receive more sponsorship and donation requests extending the typical decision time, so please be patient as we review your sponsorship application. Requesting sponsorship is easy. Applications are accepted online via our web sponsorship links found below. Please make sure that all fields are completed in full and that all supporting documentation is provided. Once your application is reviewed, you will receive an email informing you that your sponsorship was approved or if we are unable to approve your request. Please note that there are times that we will receive more than one request for the same sponsorship opportunity. If that happens, we are only able to award one sponsorship per event/team/opportunity and the request that was received first will receive the sponsorship.

Sponsorship and Donations


If you would like Redstone to advertise in your organization or event program, flyer, or sports field signage, the following request form will walk you through what is needed from your organization to be considered for support.

Advertising Request Form


If you would like Redstone to sponsor your organization or your upcoming event, the following request form will walk you through what is needed from your organization to be considered for support.

Sponsorship Request Form

In-Kind Donation

If you would like Redstone to donate promotional items or door prizes to be used at an event, the following request form will walk you through what is needed from your organization to be considered for support.

In-Kind Donation Form

FAQs about Redstone Sponsorship


Redstone accepts sponsorships from the following counties:


  • Jackson
  • Limestone
  • Madison
  • Marshall
  • Morgan


  • Lincoln
  • Rutherford

Requests from areas outside these counties may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Funding and Organizations

Redstone offers sponsorship from the following types of organizations:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Human Services
  • Economic Development
  • Quality of Life
  • Grant request (Redstone does not have a grant program)
  • Requests of political, controversial or religious nature
  • From a for-profit organization (even to benefit a non-profit organization or school team)
  • Mass mailing solicitations
  • Non-school affiliated athletic programs (recreational teams, club sports, etc.)
  • Travel (teams, groups or individuals)
  • Individual competitions participants (beauty pageants, scholar bowl, etc.)
  • Straight donations (no recognition)
  • Yearbook ads
  • Map advertising
  • If not presented to Redstone in time to receive full benefits
Requesting Sponsorship
  • All eligible non-profit organizations seeking sponsorship or advertising support are asked to complete an electronic request form.
  • Please allow up to 2 weeks for your request to be reviewed by Redstone Federal Credit Union’s Community Involvement Committee. You will be notified via email of the committee’s decision.
  • Questions regarding the application process should be directed to communityinvolvement@redfcu.org

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