Get Up To $200

With your child’s first savings account at Redstone

Get Up To $200

With your child’s first savings account at Redstone

First savings can get up to $200

From now until December 23, 2023, when you open your child’s first savings account, Redstone will match the average daily balance – up to $200! Use Redstone Live or visit a branch today to take advantage of this exclusive offer. We think saving is important so we are making this offer to kids up to 17 years old.*

  • Use code YOUTH when opening your child’s first savings account
  • Make deposits into their account
  • Redstone will match their average daily balance (over 30 days) – up to $200!

*This limited time youth savings offer is available to new members up to 17 years old. See terms and conditions for full details.

Teaching children, the value of money and importance of saving is at the heart of what we do. From a kid’s first savings account to a checking account when they become a teen, Redstone encourages a lifetime of financial learning and responsibility.

Start Today At Redstone (S.T.A.R.)

A savings account is a great way to teach your child some of the basics of money management. Start building smart money habits at a young age so kids gain valuable practices to set them up for success as they grow.

At Redstone, children age 0 to 12 who open their first savings account automatically become part of S.T.A.R. Club® and will receive:

  • Piggy bank at account opening
  • Free use of the coin machine
  • A record keeper for in-branch deposits
  • Periodic special event invitations

Youth Checking

When your child turns 13 they can open their own checking account. Our Safeguard Checking helps protect teens from overspending as they learn financial responsibility with a debit card. For teens age 13 – 15, a parent or legal guardian is required to be on the account, so you can help guide them with their finances too. (Older teens aren’t required to have a joint owner, but it’s recommended.)

Safeguard Checking is free for our youth members and features:

  • No NSF fees
  • No paper checks
  • Free money orders
  • No monthly maintenance fee

Spend, Save, and Share!

At Redstone Federal Credit Union, we believe in providing strong financial values and principles in our youth. Help your child learn these principles to set the stage for a secure financial future.

Everyone spends money; the key is to teach your child how to spend wisely. Involve your child while out shopping. Include them in making spending decisions and help them understand the reasons behind these choices.

Saving is important. Talk to your child about budgets and encourage them to create their own. Share with them the reasons to save for the future. Help them understand that even though you can’t buy everything you want, saving and planning for a future goal is rewarding.

Sharing with those less fortunate is fulfilling and valuable. Let your S.T.A.R. Club member find a charity they like and help them find ways to donate time, money and resources to help others.

Open a S.T.A.R. Club savings account

The STAR Club Savings Account is a share savings account that includes STAR Club Program benefits. The STAR Club Savings Account is available to members 12 years old and younger who participate in the STAR Club Program. You must be an RFCU® member to open a share savings account and participate in the STAR Club Program. Membership required for RFCU products. A $5 minimum balance is required to open the share savings account and must be maintained in that account at all times. A parent or legal guardian is required to open the account for individuals 0-15 years old and the parent or legal guardian must be the joint owner on the account. Other restrictions may apply.

This limited time youth savings offer is extended past our standard 0-12 age range, and is available to new members up to 17 years old. Offer valid 08/31/2023 – 12/23/2023. Bonus will be deposited into the member’s account within 60 days of savings account opening, but no later than February 21, 2024, if the promotion requirements are met.

As of August 1, 2023, the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) for the share savings account is 0.45% and is subject to change monthly after share savings account is opened. No minimum balance is required to earn the disclosed APY. The APY is accurate as of the last dividend declaration date. Fees and other conditions could reduce the earnings on the account.

Must have online banking username and PIN/password to access online banking.