Long-Term Care

Plan for tomorrow to live worry-free today

Long-Term Care

Plan for tomorrow to live worry-free today

Long-Term Care

You’ve worked, saved, and invested for years. Your goal has always been financial security for you and your family. As you get older, a smart plan for your own long-term care is one of the most important gifts you can give to the ones you love.

The majority of seniors in America today will use some sort of long-term care in their lifetime, and these costs can be very expensive. Without Long-Term Care Insurance, you may have to dip into your retirement or other savings to pay for your care down the road. Protect your savings and your loved ones with a comprehensive policy that allows you to plan for tomorrow and live worry-free today.

What are the benefits of Long-Term Care Insurance?

As you age, a good insurance plan will allow you to:

  • Maintain your independence as you get older
  • Guarantee your choice of care and caregivers
  • Allow you to stay in your home as long as possible
  • Protect your assets
  • Preserve your standard of living
  • Avoid being a burden on your family
  • Leave more of your assets to your loved ones, church, alma mater, or charity
  • Enjoy peace of mind
Will I really need long-term care? Can’t a family member care for me?

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 70% of Americans over 65 will use some type of long-term care during their lifetime. Your current health and family history will play a role in determining whether you’ll need this sort of care. It may be difficult to imagine now, but chances are you will need long-term care at some point in your life.

Although you may have family members who have offered to care for you as you age, they might not be able to provide the level of care you require. What if you need full-time care? What if the best option for you is a memory-care facility? What if you need a specially-qualified nurse? Also consider geography; if you don’t live close to family, a move might be difficult and disruptive.

Doesn’t my Disability or Health Insurance cover long-term care?

Unfortunately, you can’t rely on other types of insurance— including Disability Insurance, Medicaid, or other health insurance—to cover the costs of long-term care. Disability Insurance offers no coverage for this type of care, and health insurance usually offers only short-term benefits. There are a number of restrictions and eligibility requirements with Medicaid, so you might not qualify for long-term care benefits. Furthermore, if you do qualify under Medicaid, you might not be able to secure the type of care you would prefer.

Long-Term Care Insurance offers you the flexibility to live in a variety of settings, including your home, a nursing home or assisted living facility, respite care, and memory-care facilities. You’ll enjoy today even more knowing that you’ve prepared for your future and protected what matters most.

Will Long-Term Care Insurance only benefit me at the end of my life?

A good plan offers you the flexibility to tap into your coverage as you get older and your needs change. For example, if you need intermittent care at age 85, part-time care at 90, and full-time care at age 93, your Long-Term Care Insurance will adjust to your unique circumstances. You’ll get the kind of care you need exactly when you need it, lessening the burden on your family members and helping you live brighter at every age.

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