Redstone helping communities 'live brighter'

From its humble beginnings, Redstone Federal Credit Union® held a simple philosophy of People Helping People. Living out that philosophy has led to its growth in membership, new products and services, and technological advances.

Today, Redstone serves its more than 400,000 members in various ways. Redstone helps members and communities live brighter through support of local community organizations, non-profits and with direct assistance to individuals though its Redstone Acts of Brightness initiative.

During Redstone Acts of Brightness, employees go out into the communities they serve and perform random acts that brighten lives. Redstone employees have paid utility bills, groceries, gas, and purchased back-to-school supplies, and lunch.

The random acts are Redstone’s way of giving back to the community, without requiring anything in return.

Mary Grace Evans, Assistant Vice President of Community Relations, said being community-connected is all about establishing strong relationships within those communities where Redstone has branches.

During 2017, Redstone gave $33 million back to its members through reduced mortgage fees, reduced HELOC fees, debit card CashBack, credit card rebates, and so much more.

Redstone’s board of directors set a strategic objective to give back ‘at least’ 40 percent of the Credit Union’s net income to its members – not including dividends.

For some Redstone employees, giving is more personal. Charity Finders is a group of Redstone employees who see a need and work to meet that need through volunteering, food drives, or just going over to the charity and cooking breakfast.

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