A simpler and safer way to pay

Make secure purchases with your Digital Wallet

A simpler and safer way to pay

Make secure purchases with your Digital Wallet

Digital Wallet

Now make purchases without ever reaching for your debit or credit card. With Digital Wallet,* your Redstone card information is stored in a secure digital form on your mobile device. This eliminates the threat of your private data being shared or stolen. In fact, with built-in security features, digital wallets are more secure than physical wallets. Plus, you’ll enjoy all the same benefits that come with your Redstone Visa® card.

Choose One of These Digital Wallets to Get Started:


Make purchases with your mobile device wherever you see the contactless symbol. Want to shop online or in-app? Just look for your preferred wallet’s logo at checkout.

Benefits of a Digital Wallet:

Enhanced Security

When you use a digital wallet, your actual card number is replaced with a unique digital token. This means your card number is never shared or seen by merchants.

Global Acceptance

Millions of businesses across the globe now accept contactless payments. Just look for the contactless payments symbol where you normally swipe your card.


Digital wallets allow you to breeze through the checkout process with just a tap of a button or a wave of your phone.

Quick Setup

Simply open your favorite digital wallet app and add your Redstone debit or credit card.

*Digital Wallet services are not an obligation of Redstone Federal Credit Union® (RFCU®); see Digital Wallet terms and conditions for more details. RFCU’s privacy policies do not apply to any third-party company or participating merchant. Please consult the privacy disclosures of third-party company(s) or participating merchant(s) for further information. Apple Pay is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. Google Pay is a registered trademark of Google, Inc. Samsung Pay is a registered trademark of Samsung Group.

Visa is a registered trademark of Visa International Services Association.