Google Fraud Attack

Financial institutions across North America are being hit by BIN fraud attacks. Redstone Federal Credit Union® was made aware of these attacks using Google ‘test charges’ last week and started working to mitigate and block them.

A small percentage of Redstone’s members have been affected.

Redstone continues to work to mitigate this threat. We evaluate and adjust our fraud detection tactics daily to try and block fraudsters’ continuously changing efforts. Our efforts to stop this fraud is having an impact.

We invite our members to partner with us in this fight by utilizing the debit card tools available through online banking, such as card alerts and card control.

If you have been victim of this fraud attack,

  • Please close your debit card inside Online Banking, the Mobile App or call 800-221-9643. A replacement debit card will automatically be mailed to the address on file. You can visit any RFCU location for an instant issued card, or may receive your replacement debit card within 7-10 business days if you do not need an instant issue.
    • Online Banking: Debit Cards > Order & Maintenance > Lost/Stolen/Fraud
    • Mobile App: More > Debit Cards > Order & Maintenance > Lost/Stolen/Fraud

  • Once card is closed, please complete debit card dispute process inside Online Banking, the Mobile App or visit www.redfcu.org to complete the debit card dispute form that they are required to fax, mail or email to carddisputes@redfcu.org.
    • Online Banking: Debit Cards > Dispute
    • Mobile App: More > Debit Cards > Dispute
    • Website: Tools & Discounts > Forms & Agreements > Debit Card Dispute