Our Brightness Crews were at it again! What happened during April's Redstone Acts of Brightness?

Our Brightness Crews were out and about once again! This time, we purchased groceries for people all over the Tennessee Valley. We heard some amazing stories during this #RedstoneActsofBrighness, and want to share them with you!  

Were You a Part of April's Redstone Acts of Brightness?

April 28, 2017

One of our Brightness Crews smiles with a recipient of our April Redstone Acts of Brightness.

Our Brightness Crews were out and about once again! This time, we purchased groceries for people all over the Tennessee Valley. We heard some amazing stories during this #RedstoneActsofBrighness, and want to share them with you! 

Redstone employees from various branches and departments donned their bright yellow shirts once again to brighten lives in our communities. Thirteen different Brightness Crews headed out into the communities we serve and surprised grocery store customers with free groceries! 

We surprised lots of people in the community with free groceries in April!

We could never have imagined the impact this small act of generosity would make, or how many people we would meet who were doing their own acts of brightness!

Carl and Sue were out purchasing items for volunteers when #RedstoneActsofBrightness happened. The first customers we helped in Guntersville, Carl and Sue, were out purchasing items for those volunteering with the Back Country Horsemen of Alabama Northeast Chapter. While in Guntersville we also purchased groceries for a woman who was out shopping for her elderly next door neighbor, who she helps take care of on a regular basis.

We were astonished by the amazing stories customers shared with us. We met people like Michelle, a waitress in Huntsville, who regularly helps feed homeless patrons who come into her restaurant. One couple was incredibly thankful that they could purchase a ham steak, something they weren't able to afford normally. 

This Brightness Crew had the joy of paying for the groceries of the PAS Angel Squad co-founder Laura.

Laura, the co-founder of the community outreach and volunteer group PAS Angels Squad, was out purchasing items for a homeless veteran she had just met. She referred to the Brightness Crew above as "wonderful bright yellow angels." We were overjoyed to help brighten these people's days while they were out doing the same thing. 

Ann and Clark, married for 64 years, couldn't believe it when we told them we were buying their groceries.
One of our employees received the best hug and tears of joy from Ann, a member of Redstone for over 30 years. She was grocery shopping with her husband Clark, who she has been married to for over 64 years! "You can't imagine what this means for us," she said. 

One man who was shopping in Huntsville was purchasing a large amount of meat at the meat counter. He told us how one of his coworkers is suffering from a brain tumor, so his coworkers are making jerky to sell as a fundraiser to help cover the coworker's medical expenses. What a creative and thoughtful way to help someone in need! 

We met Jerry in Huntsville, he shares his story below. 

We purchased groceries for Jerry, who buys groceries to give to the homeless on a normal basis.

"Every now and then I'll go in the grocery store and buy about $30 worth of groceries and give them to the first homeless person I see just for the sake of being a blessing to someone else. Today believe it or not that karma came back. $276 worth of groceries completely free, paid for by Redstone Federal Credit Union, in an effort to brighten the faces of the community. Mission accomplished!" said Jerry, here with employee Michele. 

We enjoyed meeting so many different people during our April Redstone Acts of Brightness.

Everyone who experienced a Redstone Act of Brightness received one of our Brightness Cards. All we ask of anyone who receives one of these cards, either from us or someone in the community, is to pass it along when you do your own act of brightness. It's all about starting a positive chain reaction in our community, and you can be a part of it! 

Have you received one of these cards? When you see someone needing their day brightened, do something nice and pass it along!

If you were one of the many people we purchased groceries for, you can share your own story of how it impacted you here. Have you paid it forward to someone in the community in your own way? We'd love to hear those stories too! Feel free to share how you brighten lives in your community in a comment below. 

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