How does your child save? Find out four more saving personalities plus smart strategies to help encourage saving.

We're in the final stretch of the Credit Union Youth Month celebration! We hope you have had fun sharing the various owls with your children to help them discover what savings personality they have. If your child hasn't quite fit with any of the previous eight owls, they may match one of these final four.  

Owls Love to Save! How About Your Child?

April 18, 2017

The last set of saving personalities are here! Which of these owls is your child most like?

We're in the final stretch of the Credit Union Youth Month celebration! We hope these owls have helped your children discover their savings personality. If your child hasn't quite fit with any of the previous eight owls, they may match one of these final four. 

Have a child who doesn't really love to save yet? Check out our post 4 Simple Ways to Encourage Children to Save to find easy strategies to get your child excited about saving! Find other great posts and helpful resources in our Teaching Children About Money blog category. 

Without further ado, here are the final four owls in the saving personalities collection. Miss the others? Find them in our Give a Hoot About Saving and Hoo Likes to Save? Owl Bet You Do! posts. 

The Scholarly Saver loves tracking their savings and knowing how much their savings will grow over time.

Scholarly Saver: this saver loves math, and finds it fun to calculate how much their savings account will earn them over time. A great gift for this saver is a coin sorter, especially one that keeps track of the money total as they add to it over time. As they get older, teach them about investing and the many ways they can utilize their money. 

Does your child love to spend, but know they have to save? They might just be a Scowling Saver!

Scowling Saver: you might hear many different variations of the same message from this saver: but I want it now! I don't want to save! It's my money, I want to spend it! It may take a lot of encouragement and even some bribing, but eventually this child will put the money into savings instead of spending it. Help make saving fun by turning it into a game or set rewards for hitting certain saving goals. 

If you child likes to save and has plans for the money in their savings, they are probably an Adorable Saver.

Adorable Saver: loves to save and knows exactly what they are saving for. Whether it's for a new video game, their first pet, or a pair of shoes they must have - this saver will work to meet their goal. If they don't already follow the three-S strategy, try it out! They will probably love it. 

The Impassive Saver knows saving is just a part of life and won't stress about saving up.

Impassive Saver: they know it's smart to save and have made it a habit! If they get an allowance, they make sure to store some of it in savings every time they get paid. They don't keep track of their account as heavily as a Scholarly Saver does, but would probably love a chart they can color in each month to see how their savings grows month-to-month. 

Want to help your child jump start their savings? Open them a STAR Club® account. They will receive a very special piggy bank for saving. They can bring their coins to any of our branches to use the coin sorters for free. They will get other special surprises and incentives throughout the year, simply for being a part of our STAR Club. Oh, and don't forget about Cosmo

Which owl is your child most like? Do you have fun saving strategies that have helped your children become super star savers? Let us know in a comment below! 

Is Your Child a Star?

Start your child off on the right foot and make saving fun by opening a STAR Club® Savings Account today! Watch them get excited about saving with a FREE piggy bank and fun programs.

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