Time for an investment portfolio checkup

Fall is a great time to check on your investments. Slow down and take a clear picture of where your investments are today. Assess your strategy, asset allocation and your individual holdings in light of your future goals. Does your current strategy still apply?   

Time for an investment portfolio checkup

September 28, 2017

Time for an investment portfolio checkup

Fall is in the air. The change in seasons reminds us that change is a constant. That’s true in life and in investing.

If you have not given your portfolio a checkup or assessment since the new year, now’s a good time to do it.

Take a much-needed break, slow down, and make any needed fixes or adjustments to your investments as you prepare for 2018.

What does the check-up do? It gives you a clear picture of where your investments are today. You assess your strategy, asset allocation and your individual holdings in light of your future goals. Have your goals changed? Are you retiring earlier than planned, or later? Does your current strategy still apply?

Once you complete your check-up, you may need to create a plan to generate income or slow your spending.  

Consider the following portfolio adjustments:

Evaluate your asset allocation. Make sure the target you set for your balance of stocks and bonds still match your goals, risk level and time span.  If the balance is off, it’s time to revisit the overall investment mix or rebalance. 

Review individual holdings. For individual stocks, consider whether the companies have performed to your expectations. What is the outlook for the individual companies? For bonds, consider their credit rating and duration.

Make sure your designated beneficiaries are still accurate. Set aside a few hours to go through your planning documents to see if your 401Ks, life insurance and IRAs have clearly named beneficiaries.

Get to know the fees in your retirement accounts. Find out how much you pay in fees. Answering that question and making any necessary changes, can save you thousands of dollars over time.

If you need help with your check-up, Redstone Brokerage Services is available and offers free, no obligation consultations to all Redstone Federal Credit Union members. Call 256-722-8300 to make an appointment.     

After conducting a thorough check-up and making any necessary adjustments, you should feel good about your portfolio. In fact, it may help you look forward to the next season.    

Fidelity.com and Bankrate.com contributed to this report.

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