saving for the future


One of the longest Life Events is Saving for the Future. Why? When? How much? These are all good questions and the information below will help you decide the answer that best fits your life and your needs.

Introduction to Savings


How much should I save?

When should I start saving?

What if I don’t have sufficient savings?

What are the consequences of not saving?

Savings Plan – Short/Long Term


Can I save while financially overextended?

Why should I not spend my savings now?

How do I deal with unexpected expenses?

How do I break the cycle of living pay day to pay day?

What should I save for?

How should I prioritize my savings?


For a comprehensive review of your personal situation, always consult with a tax or legal advisor.

 Helpful Resources

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Look to Redstone for advice on how to save enough for the future while enjoying the present.

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