We want to congratulate all of our 2016 scholarship recipients again for their hard work and dedication. Below you will find the Redstone stories of three scholarship winners currently studying abroad who were unable to share their stories on film.    

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Scholarship Recipients Share Their Redstone Stories

3 Nov 2017


We want to congratulate all of our 2016 scholarship recipients again for their hard work and dedication. Below you will find the Redstone stories of three scholarship winners currently studying abroad who were unable to share their stories on film.  

Chelsea Moore, current student at Bennett College for Women in Greensboro, North Carolina studying Journalism and Media Studies. She is currently studying abroad in Cypress, then heading to New York for an internship.

Tell us the story of when you found out you received the scholarship.

When I first found out about receiving the Redstone scholarship, it was 3 am local time in Nicosia, Cyprus. I was in a deep sleep then out of nowhere I received a text message notification. Being the light sleeper that I am, I instantly woke up. Still drowsy and my vision was quite blurry, I opened the text to see it was from my mom who had taken a picture of something that I could not make out. I rubbed my eyes to better my vision, and I then saw the word congratulations, an award amount, and finally Redstone Federal Credit Union. I woke up immediately after reading it, and I couldn't go back to sleep because I was overwhelmed with such joy. 

Tell us about your favorite Redstone Experience. 

My favorite experience with Redstone would be winning the 2014 scholarship. This is not my favorite experience because of the award, but because I was able to attend the banquet—there I felt nothing short of welcomed and comfortable. The generous family who I happened to receive the scholarship from greeted me with hugs and was so supportive. I felt very special that night, and I in turn gained an appreciation for Redstone. That night RFCU was definitely deemed a special place for me.

Would you like to tell Redstone "thanks"?

First and foremost I'd like to thank Redstone for allowing me to receive this opportunity. I am both elated and grateful. Thank you Redstone Federal Credit Union for believing in me.

Haley Wheeler, current student at Mississippi State University studying Food Science, Nutrition, and Health Promotion with a concentration in Food and Nutrition. She is currently studying abroad in Rome.


How did you decide what to study in college?

I’ve always loved food, who doesn’t, but in a very specific sort of way. I like that food can be used both socially and physically. Great conversations often start with coffee, and the classic date includes dinner and a movie. Food is also a form of cultural and self-identity and expression—the Italians are proud of their pasta, and we Southerners claim the best fried chicken in the U.S.A. But also, now more than ever, people are aware that what they eat impacts their health. I’ve always wanted to go into the medical field, so when I saw I could get a degree in Food Science, Nutrition, and Health Promotion in order to become a Registered Dietitian, I knew I had found the right major. I am so excited for my future career where I will be able to help people from all cultures heal emotionally and physically by sharing healthy meals and conversations with them.

Tell us about your favorite Redstone Experience.

I remember the first time I ever made a deposit at my local Redstone branch without my parents’ assistance. Even though I was young the clerk called me “Ms. Wheeler,” and it made me feel so grown-up and respected. After that, I decided that the bank was my new favorite place because there I could exercise my developing autonomy, responsibility, and maturity and have them acknowledged.

Would you like to tell Redstone "thanks"?

More than ever before, yes, I would like to tell Redsone thanks! I would like to thank Redstone for awarding me a scholarship because it is both an honor and a financial relief. It’s very encouraging to have my hard work—both academically and literally—acknowledged, and it motivates me to keep making good grades and saving money so that I can realize my dreams. I would also like to thank Redstone in general for your service: Your useful tools—like the Redstone App—make banking easy for me even though there is no Redstone where I attend college. Your service when I go to a local branch at home is always so personable and informative, and it helps me stay on track with my financial goals. Lastly, your M-power checking accounts gave me a safe and controlled way to learn budgeting skills and develop my financial responsibility at a young age. Thank you Redstone for being there to support me through it all!

Joshua Lovett, a current pre-med student at Duke University studying Psychology and minoring in Korean and Chemistry. He is currently studying in South Korea.


Explain a little about your essay—traditions and innovation.

I centered my essay on the fact that I think traditions are important for those who value stability, whereas innovation is important to keep a company competitive and to keep newer customers happy. I ultimately said that tradition and innovation must both be kept in mind when a company decides to make a change, while also keeping in mind that new traditions can be made. 

Tell us about your favorite Redstone Experience.

My favorite Redstone experience actually occurred during a very unfortunate time in my life—when I had fraudulent charges on my debit card. I was very stressed out, as I was only 18 years old and wasn’t sure what quite to do. Fortunately, the Redstone staff was extremely kind and helped me remove the fraudulent charges quickly. I was so relieved to have such a warm and welcoming staff walk me through a very stressful process.

Would you like to tell Redstone "thanks"?

Of course, I am extremely thankful to Redstone for offering me—and many others—the chance to pursue our education by giving us this scholarship. I am, however, more thankful that Redstone upholds high standards and makes banking easy for me and my family. When we experience difficulties, Redstone is always there to lend a helping hand, and that really means a lot. I joined Redstone many years ago, and I plan to be a member for life. Thank you for this opportunity!

We're very proud of all of our scholarship recipients and can't wait to see where life takes them next on their journeys towards success. Look here to learn more about the Redstone scholarship and how you or your child could become a recipient next year!

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