Saving on Car Insurance

When it comes to car insurance, everyone wants to know how to save money. Insurance companies offer an array of discounts that can lower your premiums, but you may not realize what some of them are. If you’re searching for ways to save on car insurance, see if these 6 discounts could help you save some cash.    

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How to Save on Car Insurance: 6 Discounts You May Not Know About

30 Jan 2018

Saving on Car Insurance

Good grades or degree discounts

If you’re a high school or college student, good grades could lead you to a car insurance discount. Usually holding a B average or higher means a discount on your policy.  Make sure to have a report card or transcript available to provide to your insurance agent. A degree in a particular field may also give you a discount, even if you are not currently practicing in that field. Ask your insurance provider for discounts regarding grades or degrees.

Car safety features

Car insurance companies factor in the safety of your car when deciding on your premium. Certain safety features can lead to discounts on your policy. It varies by company, but features such as anti-lock brakes or automatic seat belts generally qualify for discounts. Read your car manual if you’re not familiar with your car’s safety features and inquire with an agent to see if they count for any discounts.

How often you pay

Often times, insurance companies will give you discounts if you pay your premium in one bulk payment. Instead of paying your premium every month or every other month, try paying for it in one upfront payment. This can save you 5-10% in some cases!

The way you pay

You can even get a discount on your car insurance by the way you pay. Many companies give discounts if you choose to set up an automatic payment that pulls money from a checking or savings account when your premium is due. Using paperless billing by receiving statements online may also get you a discount.


Combining your home and auto insurance can help lower the cost of both your home and auto insurance! By using the same provider for both policies, the insurance agent can more than likely give you a better deal. If you have multiple vehicles or live with a significant other, combining those on the same policy can also save you some cash.

Group memberships

Memberships to certain groups may bring you discounts for your car insurance. If you’re a member of an alumni group, car club such as AAA, professional organization, or a credit union, it could bring your premium down.

It can be easy to save on car insurance by getting one or all of the discounts above. Each company differs when it comes to discounts offered, so check with your insurance agent to see which of the above offers you may qualify for.

Have you used any of the above ways to save? Tell us in a comment below.

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