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3 Tips for a Successful Study Session

9 Jan 2018

Sometimes college can feel like a cycle of eat, sleep, and study. Whether you’re cramming for a midterm, writing a ten-page paper, or getting some study time in before a big final, you want your study session to be a success. Finding the will to study can be a challenge sometimes, but make it worth the lack of sleep by following these tips.

Don’t Study Hungry

Distractions are study session killers, and nothing distracts your brain quite like being hungry. Nab a snack before you hit the books to avoid your stomach taking over your mind. Try an apple and cheese, whole-wheat bread with peanut butter, or Greek yogurt with fruit for a well-balanced snack to power you through your studying. Pack a small snack in your bag, like almonds or a banana, just in case your stomach starts to growl.

Stick to Music You Know

If you only listen to instrumental music when you study, you can skip this tip. But for anyone who listens to music with lyrics while they study, it’s important to skip the new tunes when you study. Your brain will try to focus on the lyrics instead of your studying because the lyrics are unfamiliar. Try sticking to tried-and-true tunes you listen to often or instrumental music.

Group Study Wisely

Studying with a group can be extremely helpful or a complete waste of time. If you choose to study with a group, make sure to also set some time aside to study by yourself in case the study session goes off-track. Make sure to get the most out of your session by planning out what questions you want to touch on beforehand and asking everyone to bring their notes so you can skim them to see if they caught anything in class you may have missed.

With these study tips, you’re bound to get some strong study sessions in. Whether you want to ace your next exam or turn in a praise-worthy project, putting the time and effort into studying will definitely turn out some great results. What are some of your favorite study tips?

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