Group Insurance

As an RFCU® member, you have several opportunities to take advantage of group savings on insurance, including:

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Group Term Life
  • Guarantee Issue Group Term Life

Accidental Death and Dismemberment
Since there is no way to predict or forecast when accidents may occur, we are excited to offer $2,000 of valuable accidental death insurance at no cost to you.

Once you have enrolled in the basic (free) Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D) plan, you will be eligible for increased coverage amounts at low group rates.

While we make this program available to members 18 and older, you must activate your personal coverage to be protected! Activate your basic (free) no-cost coverage through Selman & Company. If you prefer, you may call Selman & Co toll-free at 877-665-7563.

Group Term Life
As long as you pay your premiums, our Group Level Term Life insurance covers you until the day you die, and the benefit amount remains the same for the life.

You pay a premium for a certain amount of coverage – it could be $50,000, $100,000 or $150,000. There are no medical exams and only a few simple health questions.

Our Term Life Insurance is the simplest kind of insurance available. Get a personalized quote or apply online.

Guarantee Issue Group Term Life
If you've found that traditional life insurance does not fully suit your needs, consider the Guaranteed Issue Term Life Insurance program at Redstone Federal Credit Union®.

This program is designed for members ages 45 to 75.* Plan features include up to $25,000 in coverage, guaranteed acceptance, and no medical exams or health questions. The price you pay is based on your age when coverage begins—so, the younger you are when protection begins, the lower your rate. Other plan features include:

  • Covered accidental deaths – insured for double the amount of protection
  • Low group rates – the buying power of our members enables us to offer some of the best rates
  • Convenient payments – automatic deduction from your checking or savings account
  • Benefits never reduce – regardless of age or change in health
  • Never be singled out for "individual" rate increases
  • Long-lasting coverage – until age 120
  • Optional spouse coverage
  • Cover the cost of final expenses that could be left behind, or consider a special gift for a favorite relative or charity.

Apply for Guaranteed Issue Term Life Insurance coverage, or contact our plan administrator, Selman & Company, for more information by calling 877-665-7563 (Mon – Fri, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, EST).


Must be RFCU member to obtain insurance products. Must be eligible for membership and open a share savings account to join. A $5.00 minimum balance is required to open and be maintained in share savings account. Fees and other restrictions may apply. Insurance products are offered through third-party insurance companies, are not Redstone Federal Credit Union products, and are not NCUA or federally insured. These products are not obligations of Redstone Federal Credit Union and are not endorsed, recommended, or guaranteed by RFCU or any government agency. RFCU does not warrant, guarantee, insure any service or product offered by any third-party insurance company or Redstone Insurance Services®. RFCU and Redstone Insurance Services are affiliated, but RFCU, Redstone Insurance Services, and third-party insurance companies are separate entities.

*This program is available to credit union members and their spouses ages 45-75. Not available in all states.

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