"You Name It" Savings

Add some spark to your savings by adding an account that YOU name! Redstone's "You Name It" Savings Account lets you personalize the account so every time you see it in online banking or on your statement, you'll get a nice reminder of your savings goal. Whether you're saving for a "Trip to Belize" or "Adam's Braces," you'll have an account just for that purpose.

Why should I choose a Redstone "You Name It" Account?

  • Great dividend rates
  • Dividends paid monthly
  • Easily view account in online banking
  • No minimum balance required to open account
  • Minimum daily balance to earn dividends is $500

Already a member and want to open a "You Name It" Account? It's easy to do inside your online banking account.

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Must be eligible for membership and open a share savings account in order to join RFCU® and to open a “You Name It" Savings Account. Minimum balance of $5 is required to open and be maintained in the share savings account. Some restrictions apply. The minimum daily balance required to earn dividends is $500. No dividends will be earned for the length of time your daily balance falls below $500.

Must be an RFCU member with an active checking account to participate in Redstone MemberPlus! Must not have caused RFCU a loss in order to be eligible to open a checking account. Minimum opening deposits, average monthly balances, and monthly checking maintenance fees apply to the checking accounts. The deposit and balance amounts and the checking maintenance fees vary per checking account type. Please contact the Credit Union for more information about these amounts and fees. Age and other restrictions may also apply. MemberPlus! discount not available for all loan products. RFCU is an Equal Credit Opportunity Lender.

Must have online banking username and PIN/password to access online banking.

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Have you considered a Laddering Strategy?

Reap the higher dividends of certificates while maintaining liquidity for easy access to your cash.  Learn how Certificate Laddering works.

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