Reward your business with every swipe

MyChoice Rewards for Redstone Business Debit Cards

Reward your business with every swipe

MyChoice Rewards for Redstone Business Debit Cards

MyChoice Rewards for Visa® Debit Cards — Earn 6 points with every swipe.

Introducing MyChoice Rewards, a program that lets your business earn rewards on every purchase made using your Redstone Business Visa debit card. Starting with your very first swipe each month, you'll earn 6 points for every transaction1. From fuel, to office supplies to travel expenses, watch your everyday business purchases really pay off.

Convert your points for CashBack2 whenever you want. Redeem for as little as $5, or save up year-over-year for a bigger payout. Choose to have it deposited directly into your Redstone savings or checking account!

Gift cards
Enjoy hundreds of big brand gift card3
options including dining, shopping, entertainment and more!

Charitable donations
Pay it forward with points! Support causes that matter to you by donating your redeemed points to a select charity4 in your community.

Looking to book a last minute business trip or planning a weekend getaway?

  • Redeem points for airline tickets, hotel stays, vacation packages, and more!5
  • Enjoy freedom from restrictions – no blackout dates, advance notice, or Saturday night stay requirement

Earn Bonus Points through Ampre Online

Use your Redstone Business Visa debit card at participating merchants and take advantage of bonus point6 offers directly linked to your card! Plus, look for promotional bonus point offers from Redstone throughout the year.

Earn additional bonus points with your Redstone Visa by shopping over 2,000 merchants in our online network. What’s more, many merchants offer exclusive discounts on top of the bonus points.

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Must be current RFCU member or Membership Partner to open a Business account or use any service. Must be eligible for membership and open a share savings account to become a member. A $5 minimum balance is required to open share savings account and must be maintained in share account at all times. Must have RFCU business checking account to participate in Redstone BusinessPlus! Must not have caused RFCU a loss in order to be eligible to open a checking account. Business owner must visit a branch to complete account setup. Signature is required for obtaining a Business Visa Debit Card. Restrictions may apply.

1Redstone’s MyChoice Rewards program: Business Account owner(s) will earn 6 points for every Point of Sale (POS) debit card transaction you complete each month from an Endeavor or Endeavor Plus checking account. Expiration of points does apply. Points are non-transferable from one account to another, except for lost and/or stolen accounts. Rewards will not be given for ATM, cash advance, or balance inquiry transactions. There is no limit on the number of rewards a business member may receive each month. Promotional offers are included in the calculation. Redstone Federal Credit Union® (RFCU) reserves the right to disqualify any account holder from participation in the program and invalidate all points for abuse, fraud, or any violation of the program terms and conditions. Additional terms and conditions may be imposed by participating merchants when redeeming points. Log into online banking for more information about the rewards program. Redstone’s MyChoice Rewards program is administered by ampliFI Loyalty Solutions (ampliFI). Visa, ampliFI, participating merchants, and RFCU are separate entities. RFCU does not warrant, guarantee, or insure any product, benefit, or service offered by Visa, ampliFI, or participating merchants.

2The Business Account owner(s) has the option of redeeming the CashBack reward(s) as a deposit into their RFCU savings or checking account.

3Gift cards and certificates cannot be returned and are not redeemable for cash or credit. Gift cards and certificates may also be subject to other restrictions imposed by the merchant. Gift cards and certificates purchased to provide services are subject to the terms and conditions of the vendor providing the services. Additional terms and conditions may be specified on the gift card or certificate.

4ampliFI, RFCU, or select charities are not responsible for record keeping of donations. RFCU and ampliFI do not provide tax advice. Please consult your tax advisor.

5All travel must be redeemed through ampliFI’s fully licensed redemption reservation center or website. Business Account owner(s) must have an eligible rewards card at the time of redemption. ampliFI’s normal and customary fees associated with processing travel-related services are billed to the Business Account owner(s)' rewards card. All reservations are made subject to the conditions of airlines, supply, or business of the party providing the service, which include exclusions and limitations of liability.

6Point earnings will vary based upon the merchant. Each merchant's point earnings ratio is listed in online banking. New merchant offers are updated periodically. There is no limit to the number of times Business Account owner(s) can earn points for shopping at a participating online merchant.