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Member Only Offers

In addition to exceptional customer service, trusted advice, and competitive rates, we are thrilled to present our members with exclusive offers! These special offers give us a chance to thank you—our valued members—for being a part of the Redstone family.

You won’t find these offers at a bank! Redstone Federal Credit Union® is unique in so many ways. Our unwavering commitment to the Redstone community is one of the core principles we’ve lived by for 65 years.

Double Cashback this Christmas!

Unlimited 3% CashBack on ALL purchases.*

Enjoy earning CashBack? Then treat yourself this Fall with double CashBack! From now until December 31, 2017, you'll receive unlimited 3% CashBack* on all purchases with your Redstone Visa Signature® credit card.

  • No categories to track
  • No spending caps
  • No limits on purchases

Simply receive unlimited 3% CashBack on all purchases from now until December 31, 2017, every time you swipe your card. Start earning your 3% CashBack today.



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What Happens to Profits?

Credit unions are financial cooperatives organized for and by members and, as such, are not-for-profit organizations. Banks profit from the higher rates and fees they charge their account holders. When banks make a profit, they pay their shareholders. At a credit union, we pass surplus funds right back to our members in the form of lower loan rates, higher savings rates, and free or low-fee accounts.

A Commitment to Giving Back

With no outside shareholders, credit unions can focus on offering benefits directly to their members. In addition to more competitive rates and lower fees, credit unions also offer their members personalized service, customized financial education, scholarships, discounts, and special offers. In 2016 alone, Redstone gave $20 million back to our members through dividends, better rates, and CashBack rewards.

Members Are Part Owners

At a bank, outside shareholders make decisions that affect all account holders. Credit unions are different. As member-owned, democratically-controlled organizations, credit unions work to ensure the financial well-being of their members. Each member has one vote and elections are held to designate volunteer board members to lead the credit union. Credit union members always have a say in how their credit union is run.

Social Responsibility

Credit unions are known for being active in the communities they serve, through environmentally-friendly business practices, employee involvement, and philanthropic contributions. You’ll find Redstone employees walking, stuffing, sorting, collecting, donating, giving, and volunteering at charity events all over the Tennessee Valley. In 2015, Redstone employees donated over $172,000 to the local United Way and volunteered more than 3,000 hours of their time to important causes.

People vs. Profit

As a not-for-profit credit union, Redstone’s primary focus is our people. At a bank, the primary focus is profit. Redstone is dedicated to enhancing our members’ lives through comprehensive financial solutions and sound advice. Whether we’re offering a low rate on a new home loan, a convenient mobile app, or information about managing debt, our objective is to help our members live brighter.


• Verify ownership of accounts and notify financial institutions of the death.

• Destroy credit and/or debit cards and cancel lines of credit held in the name of the deceased.

• Inquire about loans that may have had credit life insurance and be sure a claim is filed.

• If an account is an Individual Ownership, ensure funds are secure and request that direct deposits and automatic        debits be canceled.

Other tips

• Determine if property held individually requires probate or if it can be distributed another way.

• Consult an attorney and/or tax advisor for assistance and counsel.

• Request multiple copies of the death certificate. It's a good idea to order a minimum of ten.

Must be eligible for membership and open a share savings account in order to join RFCU® and open an estate account. A $5.00 minimum balance is required to open and be maintained in share savings account. Fees and other restrictions may apply.

Minimum balance required to open estate savings account is $5.00. Only the estate representative(s) may be named on the account(s). No joint owners or beneficiaries may be added to account(s). The deceased member and the estate representative must not have caused RFCU a loss to be eligible to open account(s). Deceased must have been a member in good standing with the Credit Union. Other restrictions may apply.

The information provided above is not intended to and should not be considered legal or financial advice. Please contact an attorney or tax advisor for advice or counsel. Federally insured by NCUA.

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Balance transfer0% APR for 12 mos 

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30-year fixed mortgage low 3.375% / 3.501%

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New auto loans as low as 2.35%

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Personal loans as low as 9.99% APR

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Live Brighter: Welcoming the Next 65 Years. Click to learn all about it.   #RFCU65 #creditunion

Live Brighter: Welcoming the Next 65 Years. Click to learn all about it.   #RFCU65 #creditunion


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