Social Responsibility

Redstone Federal Credit Union®'s commitment to serving the community and the common good is what sets it apart from banks. Unlike banks that exist to generate profits for their stakeholders, Redstone is a not-for-profit, member-owned financial cooperative that exists solely to serve its members. In addition to serving all of its members' financial needs, its commitment to service includes supporting a high quality of life for Tennessee Valley residents through a variety of socially responsible business practices.

Community Responsibility


Redstone Federal Credit Union is one of the largest sponsors of civic, educational, and charitable nonprofit organizations in the Tennessee Valley. Each year, the Credit Union offers financial or other support to more than 280 organizations in the seven counties where it has branch offices.

The Credit Union also actively encourages its employees to volunteer at and support local organizations that are doing important work to make our communities better. Employees understand that their responsibility to their community extends beyond their work at the Credit Union, and most of them are actively involved with at least one nonprofit organization in the community. In 2015, for example, Redstone employees—not the company—contributed more than $172,000 to support the United Way of Madison County.

Redstone Federal Credit Union President and CEO Joe Newberry attributes much of the Credit Union's success to its employees' investments in their communities. Redstone employees clocked more than a total of 3,000 volunteer hours in 2015. "Our employees care about serving the communities they live and work in, and it is evident in the outstanding service they provide to members every day," he said.

If your organization is interested in requesting support from Redstone Federal Credit Union, please review our guidelines for submitting a request.


Educational Responsibility


Supporting education is a responsibility the Credit Union takes very seriously. Every year, the Credit Union offers dozens of financial education seminars that are completely free and open to the public. The Credit Union's leadership is pleased to offer this service because it understands that when individuals make informed and wise financial decisions, the entire community can benefit.

Redstone also wants to help its communities' children and youth grow into financially responsible adults. It employs a financial education specialist who visits schools and organizations throughout the Tennessee Valley to teach children the basics of money management. This community service is also free of charge.

Additionally, the Credit Union offers its members access to a wide array of free financial management tools and services to help them achieve financial prosperity. Redstone launched an initiative to provide our members with comprehensive advice as they face major events in their lives, such as getting married, having a baby, or retiring.

The Credit Union's educational responsibility extends beyond just financial education. Every year, Redstone offers fourteen $2,000 scholarships to support members who are pursuing higher education. Scholarship applications are open to all Credit Union members in good standing.


For information about upcoming educational seminars at the Credit Union, please visit our Seminars page.

If you are interested in having our financial education specialist speak at your school or organization, please contact Jonathan Fowler.


Environmental Responsibility


Redstone Federal Credit Union is leading the way with innovative, environmentally sustainable business practices.

In February 2012, the Credit Union opened its first LEED-certified branch office on County Line Road in Madison. This special certification is awarded by the United States Green Building Council to buildings that meet strict standards for environmental sustainability.

The building was constructed with many materials that are recycled and recyclable. Other environmentally sustainable features include landscaping with native plants that require less watering, LED lighting, and even bathroom facilities that use less water.

The Credit Union opened its second LEED-certified branch in March 2013 on Mills Road on Redstone Arsenal and will strive to maintain high environmental standards with the construction of future branches.

The Credit Union is also actively encouraging its members to choose to receive electronic statements of their accounts each month, instead of mailed paper ones, saving thousands of sheets of paper every year. The initiative is proving successful. More than 90,000 members have already switched to electronic statements, and they continue to do so at a consistent rate.

The steps the Credit Union is taking to protect the area's beautiful natural environment are also saving money by reducing electrical bills and lowering the amount being spent on paper, printing, and postage.

"We're encouraged by the great support we've received for our green initiatives," Redstone Federal Credit Union President and CEO Mr. Newberry said. "Doing what we can to protect the Tennessee Valley's beautiful natural environment is just a logical extension of our mission to serve our local communities."

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Redstone in the Community

  • Financial support for over 280 organizations across seven counties
  • Fourteen $2,000 scholarships annually
  • Free financial education for members and schools
  • Environmentally sustainable building and business practices

Redstone Employee Contributions

  • $172,000 to support the United Way of Madison County
  • 3,000 volunteer hours in their communities

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