Change is Good. Redstone Brand Refresh

We brighten our members' lives! That’s not just a slogan, it’s our promise.Live Brighter - Watch Video

Redstone is getting a makeover! We're updating our look, our branches, website and more—always remembering that our members come first.

One of the first things you’ll notice is an updated logo and colors.

  • Red and gold are added for a bright, modern look
  • A family crest has been introduced
  • The new tagline “Live Brighter”
The new Redstone RFCU logo Live Brighter Brand Refresh

We've added a family crest because regardless of where you live—you belong to the Redstone family. Since our heritage with Redstone Arsenal and the space program is so valuable, you will see a star in the "R" of the family crest. This star represents our Arsenal roots and reminds us to always "reach for the stars."

A total makeover will not happen overnight and will take nearly a year to complete. What will not change is our commitment to deliver the best credit union experience to our Members.

Every day we look at ways to improve your experience. Look for more changes in 2017 with a focus on Live Brighter!

Stay tuned. The future’s bright at your Credit Union!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does this new look mean that Redstone is being bought or merged with another credit union?

A. No! Redstone is not merging—only growing. We will continue to be member-owned and provide high quality service. Only the look, tone and feel are being updated.


Q. Do I have to get new checks, debit or credit cards or change my online banking login?

A. No! You don’t need to do a thing. Only the look of these will change over time, but the functionality isn’t changing. You’ll receive a new debit or credit card when yours expires and is normally reissued. This refresh is intended to make your Redstone experience better—not busier.


Q. What does Live Brighter mean?

A. "Live Brighter" defines what Redstone already does everyday as "trusted advisors"—helping our members achieve their financial dreams. For example, Redstone doesn't just offer mortgages; we help members own their dream home. This is done through service that amazes and surprises—every time. Additionally, “Live Brighter” shifts the focus to the member experience and what Redstone can do for you.


Q. What happened to the shield? Explain the new logo.

A. The logo colors of red, blue, and gold are bright, lively and modern. We believe the new logo is more inviting and noticeable. We are reviving the shield, but bringing it back as a family crest, as we are a credit union family. The star in the “R” is designed to honor our past history with the missile defense and space programs, but it also says we’re still reaching and growing, while brightening members’ lives. Overall, as Redstone grows to areas outside of the Huntsville area, the logo is something individuals can relate to and feel belongs to their community, too.


Q. Why is Redstone spending members’ money on this brand refresh?

A.The funds put toward the refresh are already allocated toward daily operating expenses that would be incurred whether we were doing a brand refresh or not. Updates will be made as existing printed materials are depleted and to branches as part of standard maintenance.

The brand refresh is an investment in the Credit Union’s future growth and, in return, help maintain the low-fee, low-cost, and no-fee products and services.


Q. I still see the old logo lots of places. Why is that?

A. It will likely take about a year to year and a half to update materials to the new look. Refreshing the branches will take even longer than that. Keep all the current material you have from Redstone, even if it has the old look—it’s okay and will be updated over time.


Q. What about the website? Is it being updated?

A. The website will be redesigned and should be completed by Spring 2017. In addition to changing the appearance, navigation will be improved and new features will be added.